Contributed Liquidity
This section covers PXA rewards for liquidity providers.
Contributed Liquidity is a mechanism where liquidity provider need to contribute only 'token0' or first token in the designated PXA pairs and PXA tokens for equivalent amount would be provided by foundation.
eg: if you wish to provide liquidity in WBNB/PXA pair then you just need to supply WBNB in the process and equivalent amount of PXA would automatically be contributed by foundation.
Funds would be locked for a period of 30 days and liquidity providers would be free to withdraw their WBNB & PXA tokens after that.
Follow the steps below to participate in the program:
Click on 'Earn' option
Connect your wallet (We recommend using Metamask)
Once your wallet is successfully connected, You should be able to see pool information on the same page. Select token of your choice
upon selection of the token, you shall be be able to see information related to the specific pool. Like total PXA allocated to the pool, total contribution so far and max liquidity a single wallet can provide. We recommend checking this information.
Once you have decided the token, just scroll down and enter the amount you wish to contribute in input box under 'Add Liquidity' heading and click the add liquidity button. It would perform two transactions: first is approval for specific token and finally contract execution for liquidity transfer.
You should be able to view your liquidity & reward details for particular token under 'Your Deposits' heading. Same page allows you to withdraw your liquidity provider tokens.
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