Pair Governance
Allows community members to approve or decline reward distribution against any token pair
Pair Governance is an on-chain mechanism for the community to decide whether a token pair should receive PXA rewards. Anybody can create a token pair on Proxima Swap. As soon as a pair is created, it will automatically create a governance proposal where community users with any number of PXA tokens would be able to vote in favor or against the proposal.
New users can claim PXA tokens from Proxima Faucet to participate in the ecosystem.
Few points to keep in mind
  • 1 PXA is equivalent to 1 vote
  • User can only vote once per pair
  • Pair needs minimum of 51% upvotes to win the proposal
  • Users would need BNB in their wallet to vote
With the above points in mind, lets go through all the steps involved in voting process
Select 'Pair Governance' from the navigation menu
Connect your wallet for further action (We recommend using Metamask wallet)
Once your wallet is connected, you shall be able to see your voting powers, all active and past governance proposals. In case you have exhausted all your votes but you still have PXA balance in your wallet, you may click 'Refresh Strength' button to reload your voting powers.
All active proposals can be seen under 'Active Pairs' heading. Click on the ex-pander button in the right to expand the proposal.
Once expanded, you should be able to view all token pair related information along with buttons to upvote or downvote the proposal. Since the governance is on-chain, you will be prompted by Metamask to sign the transaction. All proposals would remain open for 3 days only.
'Finished Pairs' heading displays all governance proposal closed in the past. Any community member can click 'Execute' button to apply the governance proposal's verdict. If a token pair have won the proposal then users & liquidity providers will start receiving the rewards as soon as the proposal in executed.
At times community members might not be happy with their decision to approve or discard a token pair so Proxima gives option to reopen the proposal by challenging the verdict. Anybody with 100000 PXA can challenge the governance.
Once re-opened, It will essentially create a new proposal and verdict of this proposal with supersede the verdict of any past proposals for this particular token pair.
Last modified 8mo ago
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